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Multple Sclerosis Resources

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ACP’s mission is to accelerate efforts toward a cure for multiple sclerosis by rapidly advancing research that determines its causes and mechanisms.

To that end, we provide biomedical researchers with the resources they need to catalyze open scientific collaboration and enable them to rapidly and cost-effectively explore their novel research ideas. ACP’s strategic initiatives include the Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum, an information portal and interactive virtual community that educates and connects MS investigators, and the ACP Repository, a large-scale collection of highly-characterized biosamples available to scientists at any organization conducting research that contributes to our mission.

Learn more about how we are leveraging innovation and collaboration to have an impact on MS.

Innovation: Catalyzing a new approach to MS Collaboration: Connecting researchers to advance the field  Impact: Addressing the challenges of the MS research community
The Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum (MSDF) is an online resource that aims to accelerate progress toward cures for multiple sclerosis and related disorders by sparking new ideas and catalyzing unforeseen connections. The site focuses attention on what is known and not yet known about the causes of these conditions, their pathological mechanisms, and potential ways to intervene. By communicating this information in a way that builds bridges among different disciplines, we will open new routes toward significant clinical advances.