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Homeschool vs. Public School For Families With One or Multiple Diagnosis

Posted by Ask Emily on April 15, 2018 at 12:45 PM
Home school is becoming more common, but not well accepted when it comes to families with a medical diagnosis. Some families are being forced to homeschool, for a number of reasons. For example, the child is falling way too far behind at school due to medically necessary absences and the school staff does not know how to help with this, or the child is getting bullied not only by students, but by staff as well. In a public or private school setting, there are hundreds of students that the staff and faculty are responsible for overseeing their educational needs are being met, but in a homeschool setting, the teacher (or the parent) is responsible for his or her own children. In a Public or Private School setting, there are strict guidelines as to what is taught and how and in a homeschool setting, the parent is the teacher and they have an outline of the requirements that must be met to satisfy state guidelines, but the teacher can be creative in how the lessons are taught and ways to better reach his or her student in hopes to give them the best education to make them successful and help them to achieve any and all goals that they may have. One question that a lot of people seem to ask is about the financial responsibility of homeschooling vs. public school. In public school, you might be paying for the school to provide your child a school breakfast and/or lunch that they claim meets the nutritional guidelines set by government standards where as in a homeschool environment, your child can get school credit, for making the grocery list, doing some if not all of the shopping, doing any financial transactions at the checkout and preparing the meal once they get home. Homeschool students can also get school credit if they create a healthy meal plan and set the table and clear the table along with washing and putting away the dishes. These are all life skills that they will need to know if they plan on living even semi independently some day. There are some great homeschool tools and resources available and we are going to post links to some of that information below: https://hslda.org/ ~ Homeschooling Advocates www.raddishkids.com ~ A great tool to teach Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, and Cooking recommended for kids ages 3+ with adult supervision www.everythinghomeschool.com ~ Resource for homeschool families with links to other tools to help

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