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Wheelchair Accessible Taxicab State Listings and Travel Links
Here you’ll find Wheelchair Accessible Taxicab state listings and travel links. They update the state listings each month to provide you the latest resources for accessible taxicabs for people with disabilities. Remember always call ahead. A Special Thanks to Terry Moakley with the United Spinal Association for all his help. Click Here to hear more about his programs!

Specific problems found by the disabled tourist when booking a holiday include:

  • Lack of well-adapted hotel rooms
  • Lack of accessible airport transfer
  • Lack of wheelchair accessible vehicles
  • Lack of accessible restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Inaccessible, or only partly accessible, web sites
  • Lack of adapted toilets in restaurants and public places
  • Inaccessible streets (cars parking on the sidewalk, etc.)
  • Lack of professional staff capable of informing and advising about accessibility issues
  • Lack of disability equipment (wheelchairs, bath chairs, toilet raisers, electric scooters)
  • Lack of reliable information about a specific attraction's level of accessibility (church, castle, exhibition, etc.)

Disability National Park Access Pass

When traveling, and you are disabled get a free lifetime Access Pass to gain free admission at all Federal National Parks in the United States. 

Specific problems found by the disabled tourist when booking a holiday include:

Disability Travel Accessible Travel - Any method of transportation and/or accommodation that can be used, entered, reached, etc. by providing easy access, and can be undertaken by a person with disabilities. Accessibility can be viewed as the "ability to access" and benefit from some system or entity.
External References
Disabled Traveler - Provides a comprehensive listing of accessible travel specialists including Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Adventure Travel Companies, Accessible Cruise Specialists, Accessible Van Rentals & Equipment, Travel Companions, Home Exchanges, and Access Guides for wheelchair users and other disabled travelers.

Accessible Journeys - Accessible lifestyle vacations for slow walkers wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends. Travel services include: Accessible vacation planning; Accessible Group Tours; Accessible Group Cruises and Disability Travel Resources.